• Product Name: Ferro molybdenum

Molybdenum is mined both as a primary ore and as a by-product, recovered from copper and tungsten mines. Ferro-molybdenum can be included in the family of alloys. This material is mainly used in steel production and other industries due to its many properties and also having iron and molybdenum.

It improves the properties of steel.

It makes the produced steel have a uniform microcrystalline structure.

It lowers the eutectic decomposition temperature of steel.

Expands the quenching and annealing temperature range of steel.

It eliminates the brittleness of nickel-chromium steel and increases its strength and resistance.

It increases the resistance of steel against grinding and impact.

It causes the produced steel to have a uniform fine grain structure and the hardenability of the steel increases significantly.

In high speed steel, molybdenum can replace tungsten.


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